Outdoor Decorating and Men

Recent studies reveal that men prefer to do more outdoor chores and outdoor decorating rather than go on and do the indoor tasks. The study suggest that the mere daunting tasks laid out on the front porch or in the garage seems more of a challenge for men rather than doing the dishes or taking out the trash. The approval on these types of tasks at home also stems from the fact that work outside including outdoor decorating poses a lot of challenge rather than dusting. It also requires the usage of power tools, something that a lot of men would love to use.

So what exactly are the things that men would consider as a task that’s actually worth their effort? Here are some examples.

Cutting down trees and branches – men would definitely never pass up the chance to pull out their trusty chainsaw to take down those big trees and turn them into sellable lumber. This also gives them the chance to shine and sharpen their saws and use the best axe from the woodshed.
Blowing down the leaves – this works well particularly during the fall season. When boredom hits guys, they would love to do heavy-duty work on blowing the leaves from the yard. Although this is considered by most as a summer job for teens and pre-teen boys, there are still some guys who think that this is a great work to spend precious time away from the TV.
Setting up for Christmas – Christmas is one of the best times for outdoor decorating for men. Men would love to spend time in decorating their front yard with all the shiniest lights and the best Christmas decorations for the entire world to see.
Mowing – yes believe it or not some guys love to mow their lawn. This is also a great chance to boast of the best yard cleaning power tools like the latest technology in the mowing the grass and the weed in the front yard. This is the perfect opportunity for men to work out a sweat as well and find a little exercise in their daily lives or during the vacations.
Pool decoration – while not all of us might have a pool in their backyard, there are still some who are blessed with the budget to afford their own pool. These pools are great places to exercise creativity for outdoor decoration. People who would like to decorate their pools can have all the inspiration they would need. Parties can also be a nice excuse to go on an outdoor decorating spree whether luau or other themes, men will definitely enjoy decorating the pool. And after a long day of work or decoration, they can also go for a cold dip which makes it even sweeter.

These are only several things and reasons why men prefer to go outdoor decorating. Remember ladies while they might fuss and grumble, it’s still important though that your husbands or boyfriends do their share of work inside the house.

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